Mobile growth is our passion. Our mission is to make mobile Internet more accessible for everyone around the world. LotusFlare was founded in 2014 by former executives from Facebook. In fact, our founders led the team that helped Facebook reach over a billion users on mobile. We bring this growth expertise to mobile operators and help them build engaging, intuitive digital experiences for their users. Our clients include some of the world’s leading mobile brands: Linkedin, Supercell, Skype, Verizon Wireless, Singtel, Capital One, Ooredoo and Telenor. On average, operators working with LotusFlare have increased ARPU by 22%, reduced churn rate by 25%, and reduced traffic to their call centers by 17%.

Our headquarters and technology development center are in Silicon Valley, and we have operations across Asia and Europe. LotusFlare is backed by Google Ventures, Social Capital, Macquarie Capital and Silicon Valley Angels.


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Executive Team


Chamath Palihapitiya


Chamath Palihapitiya is the Founder and Managing Partner of The Social+Capital Partnership, a Palo Alto-based venture capital fund which invests in breakthrough companies in healthcare, education, financial services, mobile and enterprise software. Preceding his focus as an investor, Chamath was the longest tenured member of Facebook's senior executive team and helped built the company into one of the world's leading brands. Prior to Facebook, Chamath had leadership roles at The Mayfield Fund and at Winamp. In addition to his focus at the fund, Chamath is an Owner and Director of the NBA's Golden State Warriors. Chamath grew up in Canada, and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Sam Gadodia


Sam Gadodia is the Co-Founder and CEO of LotusFlare. He was previously a member of the Growth team at Facebook and was responsible for driving growth in both developed and developing markets and for helping the company reach over 1 billion users on mobile. Before working at Facebook, Sam was the Chief Operating Officer of Telesign Corp where he led international expansion. Prior to Telesign, Sam was Co-founder and EVP of a SaaS software company. Sam earned his MBA from Harvard Business School with distinction and has multiple engineering degrees.

Terry Guo

VP of Product

Terry Guo is the Co-Founder and VP of Product at LotusFlare. Prior to LotusFlare, he was Principal Product Manager at Facebook for 5 years and led many important product initiatives. Before Facebook, Terry spent 8 years at Microsoft working on the Mediaroom project and assuming various roles, including Engineering Manager, Product Manager and Program Manager. Terry earned his graduate degree in Computer Science from Stanford University and his undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo.

Shao Xia

VP of Engineering

Shao Xia is the Co-Founder and Head of Engineering at LotusFlare. Prior to LotusFlare, Shao was on the engineering team in the Games Platform group at Facebook for 2 years, helping drive the growth of gaming on the platform through growth engineering and app recommendation engines. Before Facebook, Shao spent 10 years at Microsoft working in the Xbox product group where he was a Principal Development Manager and worked on both hardware and software. Shao earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo in Electrical Engineering.