LotusFlare DNO™

To help mobile operators seize the digital opportunity, LotusFlare has developed the new Digital Network Operator (™) platform. From customer onboarding to monetisation and customer support, DNO provides a 100% digital channel for operators. No CapEx, no retail presence needed. Our model is “Pay as You Grow”. Operators pay based on the number of their users and according to subscriber growth.


Fully Digital

Customers can select numbers, order SIMs and devices online. They receive delivery within one hour, and can then discover and buy plans in an app without having to visit a store.


Rewards System

Customers receive Google Play credit in exchange for their in-app spending. Customers who invite friends to try the new mobile operator can also receive credit through a referral code.


Intuitive Pricing

Customers can select a customized social or entertainment prepaid data pack. Postpaid plans are renewed automatically for customer convenience.


Innovative Features

Our platform includes customizer, data control, VOiP, messaging, notifications engine and contextual triggers.


Self Service

Quick resolution customer support. Everything is done online with minimal need to engage with physical agents. Most customer service is managed through chatbot technology.


DNO has helped our customers achieve


increase in CLTV


increase in ARPU


reduction in operating costs