Custom Data Offers

Traditionally, it takes more than three months to create an app-specific data offer. The investment into technical resources, acquisition of correct IPs and possible data leakage contribute to making this a challenging process. LotusFlare provides the optimal solution for this and offers can be launched in just three minutes.

Seamless Integration

There is no need to restructure an Operator’s network as the entire LotusFlare platform stack can easily fit onto any existing base. These minimized integration requirements allow us to launch new offerings for Mobile Operators in just a couple of weeks compared to several months.

Performance Analysis

On average, 50% of all mobile usage is done over wifi. This means that operators have only half of the insight they need in order to contextually recommend the right data packages to users. LotusFlare allows mobile operators to have a complete overview of how much and on what network their subscribers are using data, enabling the optimal creation of offer bundles.