LotusFlare Growth Platform


LotusFlare Growth Platform


The Growth Platform is how we build and implement Growth for you at each stage of the acquisition-retention-monetisation funnel. We learned and practiced Growth at Facebook where the discipline was invented and where we grew the mobile user base to over 2 Billion people in a few years.

Our platform is built on the toolkit used by the most successful OTT players.

The Growth team at Facebook had a very big impact. The best levers for growing a product are within the product itself. Making it so we could grow faster was the most important product feature that we ended up building for Facebook.
— Mark Zuckerberg, 2017

Learn more about the Growth framework used by leading Internet companies and how LotusFlare applies Growth to our client's digital products.


Growth sits at the intersection of Product, Data Science and Marketing.



Our growth funnel goes much further than what a traditional marketing team can deliver. We help you in all the stages of growth from awareness to monetization.


Implementing Growth involves two elements:

Growth Products. LotusFlare offers a set of advanced product components that help clients engage, monetize and retain their user base. These components can be easily integrated into existing digital app and websites.

Growth Services. Building a successful Growth function requires the right organizational structure, skill sets, analytics framework and product iteration. We help you build the right Growth framework and core team and then evangelize growth across the entire organization. 


How you can use the Growth Platform:

Build and deliver personalized offers linked to context, usage or a demographic. Grow your revenue in no time.

Build a self-care app people love to use. Shrink costs by reducing one-on-one care in stores via call centers.

Set up real-time advanced analytics on different cohorts of users. Continuously launch new features. Test what works best for acquisition, retention and monetisation. Iterate.

Predict churn. Engage with users before they leave by providing personalized offers. Increase retention.

Set up a referral program. Leverage the power of viral effects to quickly grow your user base.


Are you Growth Ready ?

Are you Growth Ready ?


Are You Growth Ready?